thousands of years ago some aliens put eight stars in a pattern and leave a planet in the middle. on the planet is a warning ("the admonition") in the form of stored memories. "synthetic life forms are bad". this is the start of the zhat vash. their goal? eliminate synths.

in 2385 it's discovered that the romulan sun will soon explode. the romulan star empire asks the federation to help them out, but a lot of people don't want to help them because they're the federation's oldest enemy. so jean-luc picard gets a few thousand transports to rescue them anyway.

but then a group of synths go rogue and destroy the mars shipyards. the event was in fact organized by the zhat vash. the federation bans synths galaxywide and accepts picard's resignation.

also in 2385, eight romulans go to the warning planet from earlier and experience the admonition. five of them end up killing themselves, and the other three say "we need to stop this from happening again."

later, in 2387, spock comes up with the idea of turning some red matter into a black hole to suck the supernova inside it. unfortunately he arrives late. the black hole does form, but spock and a romulan named nero (they have a space battle) ge`t sucked in and sent back in time. this is how the kelvin timeline forms.

meanwhile, a zhat vash ship with one of the admonition survivors encounters a borg cube. the admonition really messes with it and the cube is acquired by the romulans.

in 2399 the zhat vash storm someone's apartment and try to kill her. "her" being a synth named dahj. dahj goes to picard for safety and is later successfully assassinated (she explodes). then it's revealed that (a) she was a synth (b) she has a twin that's on the romulans' captured borg cube, which at this point they've named the artifact. picard gathers a, shall we say, interesting crew. they find the twin (soji) but not before another zhat vash member tries to kill her. she lives.

picard takes soji with him and she leads them to her home planet, coppelius. it's protected by some large flowers. the romulans follow them there. on coppelius are a bunch of other synth pairs. then the synths see the admonition and realize it wasn't a warning for us but a warning for them. the synths get working on a magical laser beam to contact the apparent synth overlords, but then picard manages to shut it down.

how? he dies.

but they manage to turn him into an android so he's revived. and the federation lifts the synth ban!

season 2 of star trek: picard is coming in 2022. if it's as good as the first season was i'll make another one of these!

also the music for this show's awesome go listen to it NOW